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OLD WEBSITE...PLEASE GO TO WWW.MYCHOPPY.COM This site is dedicated to my baby Porkchop
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Beware!!! If you are allergic to spots do not enter this website.

OLD WEBSITE...PLEASE GO TO WWW.MYCHOPPY.COM This site contains information about the best canine on the planet.
OLD WEBSITE...PLEASE GO TO WWW.MYCHOPPY.COM That is....Dalmatians or Dalmations as some like to spell it.

OLD WEBSITE...PLEASE GO TO WWW.MYCHOPPY.COM This website features everything about purebred Dalmatian dogs,
advice on how to buy a puppy, health and nutrition, care and training,
spay and neuter facts, pet photo contests, registration information, dog
competitions, Dalmatian dog pictures, clip art and animated graphics,
links to pet adoption sites, the Animal Planet dog breed directory,
answers to pet health questions, links to online retailers such as
Petsmart and Petco and other sites to buy pet toys, treats and supplies
and much more.

Everything you need to know about how to take care of your sweet
puppy dog and more is right here. Enjoy surfing the Dalmatian tribute
page in honor of Porkchop (aka My Choppy).

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